Inspired from the short story written by Sri Lankan author G.B. Senanayake; the story revolves around Saman Ceasar who is in a quest to find the owner of a high heel he stole in a theater as a punishment and on the course of the search, he falls in love with the beautiful owner of the shoe.

The film was premiered at the 2015 edition of Agenda 14 Film Festival in Colombo and Kolamba Talkies Edition 03.

Starring –  Shehani Wijetunga & Gihan Karunanayake,
Makeup–  Ranga Amal
–  Lakmal Ranasinghe & Naveen Marasinghe
Co-producers – Asanka Ilamperuma & Gihan Karunanayaka
Produced by Naveen Marasinghe
Written & Directed by Dinesh Ravindra Gunaratne

Roles Played – Screenwriter, Director, Editor & Graphic Designer
Year – 2014