AOD – Various Creative Work

Various graphic design work done in the tenure at Academy of Design (AOD )

Head of PR & Strategy – Shamalie De Silva
Graphic Designer – Dinesh Ravindra Gunaratne

Roles Played – Creative Conceptualization, Graphic Design
Year – 2014 – 2015

[agni_image img_url="1898" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1897" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1896" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1899" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1900" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1901" img_link="3"]

Client :

Academy of Design (AOD)

Year :

2014 – 2015

Services :

Graphic Design

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