LankaPay Launch

Lanka Clear’s own brand; LankaPay is the Common Card and Payment Switch (CCAPS) which enables the interbank ATM transactions within their member banks. For the launch campaign, the press ads were created in two stages. In teaser stage, the idea of difficulty in finding your own bank’s ATM for transaction was portrayed with imagery and layout. Then in launch press, the convenience of the new LankaPay system was portrayed. The contrasting manipulated imagery and positioning created the hype about how revolutionizing the new system is.

Executive Creative Director – Eric Frank
Creative Director – Asanka Illemperuma
Associate Creative Director – Jagath Rathnakumara
Copywriters – Sudath & Sajiv Panditha
Art Directors – Dinesh Ravindra Gunaratne
Account Management – Ronnie Pieris

Role Played – Press Concept & Art Direction
Year – 2012

Teaser Press
[agni_gallery img_url="1711,1712,1713" img_link="3" type="1" column="1"]
Launch Press
[agni_gallery img_url="1714,1715" img_link="3" type="1" column="1"]
Client :

Lanka Clear

Year :


Services :

Creative Conceptualization, Art Direction

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