Sri Lanka Design Festival Environmental Graphics

Sri Lanka Design Festival is the country’s only design related conference + exhibition and in 2014 the first ever interior design themed edition was launched. 4 days long event which was comprised of on-going interior exhibition, talks and fashion runways was held at Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre. Initial concepts for all the even related graphics were developed simultaneously with the interior design team of the event and internally presented, approved and then went on to final production according suppliers’ requirements.

Interior Designer – Marianne Gooneratne
Graphic Designer – Dinesh Ravindra Gunaratne

Roles Played – Creative Conceptualisation and Graphic Design
Year – 2014

Initial Designs and Blueprints

[agni_gallery img_url="1864,1865,1866,1867,1868,1869,1870,1872,1873" img_link="3"]

Snapshots of Final Designs

[agni_gallery img_url="1874,1875,1876,1877,1878,1880,1881,1882,1883,1884" type="1" column="1"]

Client :

Sri Lanka Design Festival (Academy of Design (AOD))

Year :


Services :

Creative Conceptualization & Graphic Design

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