Various Brands – Press

Various concepts and final press adverts that had been done during 2011 – 2013

Executive Creative Director – Eric Frank
Creative Director – Asanka Ilamperuma
Copywriters – Prasad Weerasekara, Anis Mustafa, Piyumi Wickrama & Sajiv Panditha
Art Director – Dinesh Ravindra Gunaratne

Roles Played – Creative Conceptualization and Art Direction
Year – 2011 – 2013

[agni_image img_url="1719" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1720" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1721" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1727" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1722" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1724" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1750" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1725" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1751" img_link="3"]
[agni_image img_url="1726" img_link="3"]
Client :


Year :

2011 – 2013

Services :

Creative Conceptualization & Art Direction

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